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Producer Shawon Producer Shawon

Faqrul Haque Shawon

Head Producer, Program

About Me: Understand Me as More as You can Tolerate…Not More: D

Full Name: Faqrul Haque Bhuiyan (Shawon)

Nick Name: Shawon


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Personality Type: Friendly, cheerful and want to do the best

Presentation Style: Nonstop powerful style

Fashion: Most of the time casuals

Passion: Books, media, abroad & travelling

Books: Humayun Ahmed, philosophic book, Mathematic writings and comics.

Fav Food: Different kinds of biriany, beef burger, soft drinks.

Fav Actor: Johny Depp, Tom Cruz, Aamir Khan, Ketrina Kaif, Ananto Jalil, Salauddin Lavlu.

Fav Songs: Artcell songs, stocbliss songs, fuad&friends songs, Backstreet boys songs, asif akbars song.

Movies: Apocalypto, mission impossible, pirates of the caribian, terminator series, prince of Persia, the three musketeers, the ant bully, maximum animated movie, humayun ahmeds movie.

I Love: My job.

I Hate: I don't want to hate any person individually, but I hate their injustice.

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