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RJ Farhana

About Me: Well, kinda talkative person. sometime Camouflaging ......

Full Name: Nowshin Farhana Noor

Nick Name: Mumu

My Show: Morning Express, Friday Morning

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Personality Type: Extrovert in on-air....Introvert in outside.. A lil bit confused....

RJ-ing Style: Speedy.....non stop,....non breath taking..unlimited 'addabazi'.

Fashion: Trendy....try to follow my own created style....

Passion: Music... movies.... freinds.... books...

Books: A letter from unborn child, Hundred years of solititude, A motor cycle dairy's, Win'g of fire, The namesake, The prophet..

Fav Food: Nothing.

Fav Actor: Collin Ferrol, Josh Heartnet, Russel Crow, Channing Tatum, Meg Rayan, Ann Heathaway, Kate Bekinsale, Megan Fox, Winnona Rider, Tom Hanks, etc

Fav Songs: To tough to fallen, smoke on the water, irish, with or without u, let me go, romeo and juliet, hallow years, hate me or kill me, big maghine... etc.

Movies: Well this list is unlimited..... bridges of madison county, the chsaw massacar, carnifolnia, crush, the houre's, dude wheres ny car, surrogates, road to perdition, a beautiful mind and ofcource twilite, etc.

I Love: Probably evrything....

I Hate: Duel personality, crazyness, rudeness, screeming.....

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