RJ's Profile

Favorite food: All kinds of food
Favorite pass time: Listening Music
Goal of life: Becoming Leader and Marketing maestro and to be famous all over the world
Favorite Color: Black & Blue
Exceptional quality: Singing (HIP HOP)
Preferred destination: Paris
Personality: Friendly, Fun Loving, Expressive
Likes: Hard work, honesty & respect.
Dislike: Fakeness, Rude Behaviour
Show Hosting: Morning Crush
Time: 6:00 am-10:00 am
Theme of the show: To energize and refresh listeners in the early morning with music.
Azizul Hakim
RJ Azizul
Likes & Dislikes: food, painting, instruments, photography, travelling etc
Personality: friendly, introvert, funny
Foodhabit: Everything with chicken
Goalsof life: Photography, writer, artist
Favorite color: Blue (All shades of blue)
Special quality: Painting,writing,photographer,singing
Favourite place to visit or want to visit: Where not?
Show: School Of Rock
Time: 10 am-1:45 pm
Maimuna Ferdous Momo
Likes & Dislikes: Reading books & watching movies. Dislikes Cheating
Personality: friendly, fun loving, Love to smile, Always try to make my life more beautiful
Foodhabit: Bangladeshi Foods, Indian foods
Goalsof life: To travel the whole world with my kids
Favorite color: Black, Pink, Blue
Special quality: Acting, dancing, debate, writing
Favourite place to visit or want to visit: Cox’s Bazar
Show: Morning Crush
Time: 6am - 10 am
Zahirul Islam Tutul
RJ Tutul
Favorite food: Vaat and daal
Favorite pass time: Listening music
Goal of life: wants to be a role model
Favorite color: Navy blue, white , black
Exceptional quality: writing and singing
Preferred destination: Cox's bazaar
Personality: fun loving , emotional and supper friendly
Like:moral value implementation
Show Hosting: FM MAMA
Time: 6:00 pm- 10:00 pm
Theme of the show: It’s a complete drive time show with full hit and fast bit.
MD. Sabbir Hasan
Favorite food: Deshi foods, Junk Foods and Continental
Favorite pass time: watching Sports
Goal of life: To be the best Dentist & Artist of Bangladesh
Favorite color: White,Blue, Black, Purple
Exceptional quality: Acting & Singing
Preferred destination: Venice
Personality: Friendly, Extrovert
Likes: Sports, Movies
Dislike: Racism, Religious Clash
Show Hosting: Raat Vor Gaan
Time: 10 pm-2:00 am
Theme of the show: Regular show about music
Suzana Kamal
Likes: Sense of humor, Humbleness Dislikes: Lying, lack of ambition
Personality: Energetic, highly ambitious, goal oriented, cheerful, loves to havd fun with friends and family
Food habit: loves street food (fuchka,bhelpuri, jhalmuri) spicy food, doesn't like sweets or deserts.
Goals of life: Travelling around the world, learning 10 languages by the age of 30, create an impact on other people's lives, work until your signature becomes an autograph
Favourite colour: Purple, Scarlet red, black
Special quality: Writing, craftsman skills, can speak in 5 languages
Favourite place to visit: Bangkok
The show you are hosting and timing: Movie madness 2-6 pm
Theme of the show: All about movies and movie related songs
Favorite food: everything her mother cooks, sea food, cheese , Mango , pointed gourd.
Favorite pass time: writing
Goal of life: work for under privilege children
Favorite color: rainbow
Exceptional quality: Singing , photography and painting
Preferred destination: Heaven
Personality: independent , talkative, versatile and mentally active.
Likes: Humble people
Dislikes: Judgmental mentality
Show Hosting: Afternoon Café
Time: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Theme of the show: Talking, friendship, Love, journey, Different class people interview
Jinnatul Islam Lucky
Favorite food: Home made food
Favorite pass time: writing
Goal of life: pass the life with honesty
Favorite color: white , black and green
Exceptional quality: reciting poets
Preferred destination: wants to explore Bangladesh .
Personality: fun loving , friendly, talkative
Like: Honesty
Dislike: Dishonesty
Show: Traffic Update (Dhakar Chaka), Event Update
MD. Ashraf Hossain
Favorite food: Chinese cuisine
Favorite pass time: Gardening, long drives
Goal of life: Be a successful anchor
Favorite color: white , black and yellow
Exceptional quality: He has expertise on farming
Preferred destination: Paris, Spain and Bangkok
Personality: fun loving , friendly, talkative
Likes: Travelling, Driving, Partying
Dislikes: Irritating Person, Waking up Early
Show: Traffic Update (Dhakar Chaka), Event Update
Shahriar Babu
OB Shahriar
Likes & Dislikes: Playing cricket, listening music, reading books, using facebooks
Personality: friendly, extrovert, Emotional
Foodhabit: All kinds of Bangladeshi foods
Goalsof life: To be a good human
Favorite color: Black
Special quality: reciting,writing
Favourite place to visit or want to visit: Cox’s Bazar & want to visit Srilanka
Show: Dhakar Chaka

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